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Fotopolis 2022 referendum – evaluate the year’s best Photography products and events

Almost 150 nominations, category changes and survey awards. The referendum for the best photography products and events of 2022 has begun! Free magazines and discounts at the Fotoforma store for participants.

For the 18th time, we invite you to choose the best products, events and photo publications of the current year – Poland’s largest photography referendum organized by the website Photopolis.

The formula of the referendum remains unchanged, but as usual, changes in the market affected the appearance of the category. Due to the blurring of the boundaries of the higher segments, this year we separated from the division of professional and advanced cameras. Instead, we have placed all corpora that successfully serve professional work in one category. Making a decision will not be easy, especially since for the first time in the typically professional category, APS-C bodies also compete with dignity.

From the last places of the referendum to the first page, a category dedicated to innovations also extended. This year, words were not repeated more often than “artificial intelligence” – this year’s achievements in the field of artificial intelligence systems present a fascinating vision of the future of imaging, which is rapidly changing before our eyes.

The lack of premieres in the amateur camera segment is also a sign of the times. It has long been rumored that smartphones will bury most of the hobby photography market, and it seems to be the case. The result is the escape of producers to the higher segments – the most amateur structures offered by photography companies are now at the level at which the average shelf was just a few years ago. This, of course, makes basic cameras better today, but also increases the threshold for entry into photography systems.

For the second year in a row, we are also following the flood of optical premieres. This is above all the year of long professional telephoto lenses, but not only. The last 12 months have also seen an incredible resurgence in the APS-C optics segment, something most manufacturers have neglected for years. We are also monitoring the growing expansion of lenses coming from China and the goals of system lens replacement suppliers. Zooms from Tamron, Sigma and Tokina are the most interesting premieres this year.

Emotions were also present in the accessories segment. Probably the most important GoPro camera update in years, DJI’s first Cinewhoop drone, the groundbreaking Mini3 Pro model or the 1-inch ball camera give users new possibilities and make it difficult to find favorites on this subject. The same is happening in the smartphone market, which is increasingly blurring the line between “mobile photography” and regular cameras.

The year 2022 was also full of interesting events. In addition to the proliferation of festivals, large cross-sectional exhibitions also competed for viewers’ attention, such as the new main exhibition at the Krakow Museum of Photography, Poland’s largest exhibition or exhibition of British photography to date. In the Warsaw museum dedicated to the 1990s and created in cooperation with the residents.

What was the most interesting? Take part in the poll and cast your vote.

As always, the referendum is accompanied by our survey. It gives us information about your preferences and expectations, and thanks to that we can change for the better. Everyone who voted in the referendum can use the discount code in the store Photoform! On the other hand everyone who answered the survey will receive an e-edition of our publishing company’s magazine for free! Take a look at and check what might be of interest to you or someone close to you!

You can vote in the referendum until Friday 13 January 2023.

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