France fined Apple one million euros. For what this time?

Apple hasn’t had the best streak lately. Other countries disagree with their policies and punish the Cupertino giant with financial penalties. Yesterday, the French court also forced them to do so. For what? Behind the App Store – again.

One million euro fine for managing the App Store in France

Apple’s policies regarding the App Store have been controversial for years. The closure of the ecosystem is controversial, the rates that local creators have to pay for each transaction are controversial (although the situation here has improved significantly in recent years). Many disagree with Apple’s policy, and a Dutch court regularly fines the giant. Local law does not comply with Tim Cook Corporation offers and requires alternative payment methods. Effect: More than 5 million euros in fines were imposed in subsequent rounds. Now Reuters reports that problems have started in the French market as well. The local justice system charges the Cupertino giant imposing unfair trade provisions on developers who distribute their apps on the App Store. However, this judgment does not include any additional requirements. this shouldn’t surprise anyone. An EU regulation is looming that will presumably force Apple to open up other store/app installation options from outside without combining and jailbreak:. Camille wrote more about European plans to force changes on Apple.

According to Gurman, the corresponding changes will appear in iOS 17, which will probably debut in the fall of next year. They will not only allow you to install apps outside the App Store, but also install third-party app stores. For example, Amazon can offer its competitive offering, which also has a dedicated Android store. There are also many indications that Apple will allow manual uploading of apps downloaded from websites.

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