Fraudsters cleverly masquerade as an e-TOLL system

On the internet you have to keep your eyes peeled – there are people everywhere who would like to fool you. The Tax Administration informs about another new scam – hackers impersonate the e-TOLL system to steal our payment card data.

Scammers are on the hunt again, this time lurking our data via fake websites posing as the System e-tollon which we should be able to buy toll highways.

If you use this system, you should know what to look out for. He reports the danger via Twitter National Treasury.

Fake e-toll website. What is to be considered?

In the mail, the institution asks to pay attention to the address of the site we are using – scammers use sites with similar addresses.

This includes the page e-tollgov.plwhile the correct website address is So the difference is only one point. It’s easy to get confused, which hackers like to exploit.

Importantly, the website itself looks professional, even with the image of the National Revenue Administration and Treasury Department making it even easier to be fooled.

Scammers naturally want to get to us payment card details – these we need to provide in order to make a transaction by logging into a fake website created by hackers. After that, scammers already have easy access to our account and can quickly clean it up.

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