Fred reveals he almost hit ‘BBB 23’ snooze button: ‘I said goodbye to Larry’

The statement was made in a conversation with social activist Domitila Barros, in the White House

Fred Desimpedidos said he almost gave up on ‘BBB 23’

Journalist and influencer Free Freddy confessed, this Wednesday, the 8th, that he almost gave up Big Brother Brazil 2023. The statement was made in conversation with the social activist Domitilla Barros, in the White House. The brother also said that he barely slept at dawn on Tuesday the 7th, even saying goodbye LARISSA, with whom there is a connection within the house, in the Leader’s Room. “Yesterday when I cried all over, I saw and talked about my family and I wondered if I was doing the right thing, being here. I slept for two hours and said goodbye to Lar. ‘If I have to push the button, I will’ and she doesn’t let go of my hand, I keep her words in my head: ‘You are strong’. The one you tried to take from me is the one that was already filled,” he said. Before that, Domitila commented that he bluffed during a debate between the two at the beginning of the White House. She had said that she could have put Larisa on the wall.

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