Free Fallout 3 GOTY coming soon. The Epic Games Store is sharing games again

Ju & zdot; next week for EGS users b & eogon; d & aogon; could pick up & cacute; two RPGs for free – Fallout 3 and Evoland Legendary Edition.

Next Thursday – October 20th – the Epic Games Store will expand our libraries with the iconic Fallout 3 in the Game of the Year edition, an edition that includes all the extras.

Drug & aogon; of the games will be Evoland Legendary Edition, a set of two action RPGs from the studio Shiro Games, creators of the acclaimed Northgard strategy. Productions with & aogon; in their attitudes quite & cacute; exit, present & aogon; because video games have evolved over the years. At first we admire the two-dimensional & aogon; graphic & eogon; to measure & eogon; post & eogon; the pus develops more and more & cacute; spheres & eogon; audiovisual & aogon; and mechanical & aogon; games.

Ju & zdot; today & sacute; in the free offer of the store we can find titles such as Darkwood and ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove. The first is a survival horror game played in a procedurally generated open world viewed from a bird’s eye view. Game features & eogon; high level of difficulty, and after each failure we have to start & cautiously; from scratch.

The second tells about the adventures of two “alien” titles. The production is full of absurd humor and the gameplay is based on & eogon; on research, solving & lstrok; amiga & lstrok; and fighting from an isometric perspective. Game & cacute; We can play alone or in the company of up to three other players.

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