FreeBuds 5i – we have the European price of Huawei headphones

European availability of Chinese electronics is usually quite delayed compared to first releases in China. Only a few manufacturers decide to implement simultaneously in most markets. For headphones FreeBuds 5i We’ve been waiting for months now.

Improved cheap TWS earphones

True Wireless headphones are now one of the most popular items. Yes, smartphones sell very well, but we are used to it. However, electronics companies also see a great opportunity in the wearables department. Apple includes not only smartwatches, but also headphones. Anyway, try to find fleas on a regular cable in stores. There are fewer and fewer, aren’t they?

No wonder it is Huawei FreeBuds 4i they were quite well received. For a starting price of 349 PLN, we got a decently working TWS with active noise reduction – a feature that until now was reserved for high-end devices.

As the successor of this successful model appeared in June, i.e FreeBuds 5i, we were wondering when these headphones would appear on our site. Huawei has finally decided to move some of these devices to Europe and set prices.

More importantly, the manufacturer decided to significantly improve the new model. Fleas are lighter (4.6 g) than those used in the previous model. The case became very “serious” because the battery capacity increased from 215 mAh up to 410 mAh. So you can expect a much better overall uptime of the accessory. In addition, significantly improved noise reduction system that will now filter noise almost 2 times better.

Huawei FreeBuds 5i

FreeBuds 5i priced in Euro

For now, we don’t know how much the new Huawei headphones will cost in Poland. However, much can be inferred from the prices offered in other European countries.

The information points to £90 or €100 per set. This can be converted to about PLN 480. This is much more than for FreeBuds 4i at the start of sales in Poland.

I wonder if the Polish branch of Huawei will somehow want to lower this price threshold. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if the price for FreeBuds 5i it was around PLN 449 at the beginning. It would be a more expensive investment than in the case of its predecessor, available now for a paltry PLN 299, but it still wouldn’t come dangerously close to the psychological limit 5 centsand headphones can offer much more.

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