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Fremont & Washakie County Spring Grads from UW Told

The University of Wyoming has awarded degrees to the following students from Fremont and Washakie counties upon completion of the spring 2022 semester.

The following degrees may be included on this list: BA (Bachelor of Arts); BS (Bachelor of Science); BSCE (Bachelor of Science in Construction); BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science); BSW (Bachelor of Social Work); CERT (Certificate); MA (Master of Arts); MPA (Master of Public Administration); and MS (Master of Science);

Students are:

Ione Raine Chandler MS
Julia Elle Halmay BS
Amber M. Sessock BS and CERT

Fort Washakie
Eric R. Bennett MA
Dylan A. Ware BSCE

Courtney Ganiece Derby BA and BS
Noah Kreager BS
Joshua B. Rohrbacher BA

Malinda A. Garcia CERT

Logann Cooper BS
Lauren Argyle Fontaine BS
Abbigale Leigh Hamilton BS
Joanna Clarice Harter MS
Maria Kulow BS
Amber D. Littlejohn MS
Joseph Bailey Moore BA
Krista Snyder MS


Lydia Christoffersen BA
Alicia Clarke BA
Micah R. Conner BS
Jacoby G. Hereford BS
Sarah C. Hughes MS
Paige Huntsman BS
Tonya D. Martin BSW
Jennifer Lea Metcalf MPA
Rebecca Inez Morin MS
Alec Richardson BA
Emily Roseno BS
Beau A. Saindon BSB
Tanner Selvig BSCS
Taylenn Thompson BS
Michaela M. Tschirhart BS
Terry D. I want a BA
Thane L. Zickefoose BS

Katie M. Decker CERT
Pete D. Douzenis BS
Hunter J. Elliott BS
Cherith R. Ferrett BA
Mary J. Johnson MBA
Daniel J. Linneman BSB
Tommi Olson BS
Jaycee Page BSDH
Emma Reid CERT
Jakob A. Schaeffer Czech
Katelyn N. Scheuerman BSCH
Hailey E. Schumacher BA
Emiliano Vega BS
Emily Morgan Wheeler BA
Kylie Joyce Woffinden BA

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