Frida the dog falls into a four meter deep shaft

The Gahlen Fire Department was on the scene Wednesday afternoon with several fire engines. Beach Frida previously sank to a depth of four meters.

On Wednesday, in Gahlen, the fire brigade came to the rescue, the dog Frida, who fell into a four-meter-deep shaft. © Fire Department Schermbeck

Several extinguishing trains from Sherbeck and Galen fire brigades were deployed in Galen on Wednesday evening. At 5:41 p.m., “Venveg” was alerted to the fire-rescue squad. The reason was the needy dog ​​”Frida”. He fell into a four meter deep shaft.

The shaft fell while walking

The fire department of Sherbek announced that the dog “Frida” fell into the half-open shaft during a walk. With the help of a turntable ladder and a Rollgliss (a human rescue and plate device), the employee was able to get down the bank to the dog. He saved Frida, they could pull together.

At first glance, Frida was not injured. After the rescuers, the firefighters handed him over to the owner, who introduced him to the veterinarian.

The operation for firemen and rescuers ended at 18.28. Deputy Fire Chief, Gahlen Fire Brigade, Scherbeck Fire Brigade, Wesel County Police Department and Scherbeck Public Order Office were on duty.

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