From 2025, the separation of construction waste is mandatory. Who is affected by the new obligation and who is not?

For now, construction waste and demolition waste are thrown together in a container or so-called big bag. However, the government plans that from January 1, 2025, they will be subjected to segregation into 6 factions. We explain who will be in charge of sorting waste after construction, and who will not.

The changes, which will enter into force on January 1, 2025, are aimed at adapting Polish law to EU standards related to environmental protection. It will take effect on that day Article 101.a of the Waste Act:

Construction and demolition waste is collected selectively, dividing at least into: wood, metals, glass, plastic, gypsum, mineral waste, including concrete, brick, tiles and ceramic materials, and stones.

This means that construction waste will no longer be thrown into one bag or container, but will be separated on site. The same applies to renovation waste. Originally, this change was supposed to take effect in 2023, but was eventually pushed back to 2025.

What is important, the change will not include the collection of construction waste from households – Here the rules remain the same. Nothing changes for selective collection of municipal waste (PSZOK) and producers who are not obliged to keep records. Therefore, those who plan to build a house or renovate an apartment do not have to worry about the new regulations.

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