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From Metaverse in full: How MediaTek will diversify its business

Samir Vani, country manager at MediaTek (Credit: Henrique Medeiros/Mobile Time)

Estimated to more than double in revenue in four years, from $8 billion to $19 billion, and more than five times in operating profit, from $700 million to $4 billion, MediaTek wants to diversify the business its global and advance in new. area beyond smartphones, connectivity products and televisions.

“In three to five years, we foresee a market for new devices. For example, the automotive sector is something we believe in, along with the metaverse and full connectivity [computação heterogênea, dos smartphones à casa]”, said Samir Vani, manager of MediaTek in Brazil. “We want to diversify our revenue sources by bringing products to these new markets. An example is the virtual reality glasses that Sony launched for Playstation with our chip,” he added.

In addition to the three categories mentioned as new verticals, the executive gave the example of 6G, Wi-Fi 7 and low-power devices for IoT. But he mainly emphasized artificial intelligence and satellite communication.

“We will have SoC with satellite connectivity. Today we already have tests taking place in different countries around the world. This will become more and more present in smartphones. But, as always, it’s something that will start from the more expensive levels (flagships) and then move to the cheaper ones,” he explained in a conversation with the press this Wednesday, 30. “Artificial intelligence is a from the pillars of our Company. It goes through everything we offer in the market, router chips, smartphones and TVs,” he reported.

TV with AI

One of the examples of advances in AI cited by Vani is Globo’s test in 8K (ultra full HD, 7680 by 4320 pixels) at the World Cup. MediaTek is one of the partners helping the broadcaster bring 8K images from Qatar to Brazil through chip artificial intelligence that brings improvements in video quality (upscale).

The country manager also stated that the test brings new benefits for Digital TV, such as: the integration of broadband broadcasting, immersive and personalized audio and optimized video quality (more technical data can be seen in this article on Tela Viva).

However, Francisco Peres, manager of Globo’s telecom strategy and licensing department, recalled during the MPN Forum last Tuesday, the 29th, that there is still no commercial equipment with the H.266 codec – vital for 8K to work at its capacity full.

uncertain scenario

Looking at the strategy for the next two years, Vani believes that MediaTek operates with a scenario of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and uncertainty (VUCA, its English acronym). This scenario occurs due to the geopolitical scenario of the war in Ukraine, tensions between the United States and China, in addition to global inflation.

“But we will have improvements in 2024 with a decline in world inflation. And even in 2023, it has already started to improve a little”, predicts the country manager. “A message that our CEO [Rick Tsai] is that, despite everything, we continue to be market leaders, innovators and have a very strong product base,” he added.

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