Fromern plans to return and has goals

Sebastian Kurt (right) and Nils Martello in front of the gang on the sports field on the railway embankment. SV Frömern is already looking forward to returning to A2. © Stemke

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SV Frömern have experienced a real rollercoaster of emotions over the past six months: early relegation, relegation to the county league A1 and a change of coach. However, in Fromerne you do not see everything as bad and continue to be combative.

This was shocking news at the end of last season. SV Frömern managed to wake up early and then had to accept a penalty transfer to the county league A1 as they were the most unfair team during season 2 and Kamener SC missed out on promotion. district league.

“Aside from the long journeys, I really can’t say too much bad about the A1,” begins Fromern trainer Sebastian Kurt. “There are great grass pitches and, with one or two exceptions, mostly fair play, but you have that in other leagues as well.”

Kurt’s predecessor at SVF, Adrian Ruzok, made his position available after a 2-3 defeat against Hammer SC 2008 on Matchday 5, with Kurt occupying the meaningless bottom slot in mid-September. In the first game under Kurt’s leadership, the first shout was already heard as Fröhmern showed a first sign of life with a 3-0 win over the reserves of Oberliga club SV Westfalia Rhynern.

Alternatives are back

Meanwhile, Fröhmer has 13 points on the account and is therefore six points above the first relegation zone, which TuS 1859 Hamm is on. “We definitely hold the championship and do not fall. We are looking forward to playing in A2 again in the new season and having derbies against Langschede, Bausenhagen and also Una,” Kurt is already looking forward to the future.

For the rest of the season, Kurt has a clear road map of how he wants to achieve his goals. “We are now looking forward to the winter break and then we will know exactly what we need to work on. In addition, our team is gradually replenished and we have more alternatives,” says Kurt positively and confirms the good development of his team.

In terms of the justice table, the people at Fromern seem to have learned something. After 16 game days, the Frondenbergers are in 9th place there, which is a significant improvement compared to the previous season. If you still get a few points in the table, SV Frömern will soon be one of the teams that will be back in A2.

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