Frontline commentator asks PT for action against Jovem Pan: ‘What happened to the left?’

One commenter revealed that an acronym executive threatened to drop him from the legend for defending the station; A judicial process has even been opened in the party’s Ethics Commission, according to the commentator

Reproduction/ New Pan NewsFrontline 10/21
Leonardo Grandini said he was threatened with expulsion from the Workers’ Party

Determination of Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) against New pan won another episode this Friday on the 21st. During the program The front linecommentator Leonardo Grandini, who is associated with Workers’ Party (PT), revealed that an acronym executive threatened to fire him from the station’s defense legend. He expressed regret for the party’s stance, recalling that freedom of expression has always been protected by the left, and questioned the reason for filing the lawsuit. “I will address you who have a more progressive, leftist, social democratic or even socialist bias. Freedom of expression has always been a principle defended and defended by the Brazilian left. What happened to the left? And why did this happen? And once again I apologize, including those who messed with PT at one point and criticized them. Like Ciro Gomes, for example, who is a left figure. But he is an impeccable figure and he also went through this situation when he denounced certain behaviors on the part of PT leaders, which do not match the values ​​I defend and democratic values. Apparently, I did not become a Bolsonarista and a member of the right wing. Now, the friendly fire and the absurdities that happen within this wing, of the Brazilian left, is complete absurdity and I say yes. Because I have a voice. I do not depend on any party. And once again: I go out if I have to and with my head up”, he commented. According to him, a process has been opened in the PT’s Ethics Commission. Grandini has taken a stand against the decision of the Electoral Court to prohibit the broadcaster from speaking freely about the former president and the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT)who is running for election against the current president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The action was initiated by Lula’s campaign and was accepted by the General Inspector of the Tirana Stock Exchange, Benedito Gonçalves.

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