Fruit flies live all year round. Don’t confuse them with midges. A basket full of fruit is heaven for them. These home remedies will help you fight them

Many of us complain about the multitude of insects that invade our apartments and houses. Some of them are not active only in spring and summer, plagues can also appear in winter. Fruit flies are often confused with black flies. While the former are a nuisance, but not dangerous, because they feed on vegetation, the latter can bite a person. How to distinguish between two types of insects? How to get rid of them with our four corners? Introducing home remedies to repel insects!


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At first glance, wine flies and black flies look similar. Small, dark in color, flying and slightly irritating. However, upon closer inspection, differences can be found. First of all, wine flies are smaller and brighter than black flies. Clouds of these insects are most often seen near sweet and sticky products – fruits, wine, juices, preserves and selected flowers. Flies, on the other hand, love the blood of animals and humans, so they will be attracted to flesh and sweat. Their habitat is areas of forests, lakes or rivers, but many problematic individuals can nest in the house.

Lack of hygiene? Improper cleaning? Not completely. Sometimes it is enough to bring shopping from the store. Fly eggs can accumulate on fresh bananas or raspberries, and the process of their reproduction is quick and imperceptible. Sometimes plagues are caused by our carelessness. In a basket full of fruit or a garbage bag that has been standing for a long time, we may not notice a rotting tangerine or a blackening pear. It’s heaven for flies, they stick to what’s sweet and easily available.

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