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Frustrated Summer Raids | The opponent

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Report from the last edition Crusoe dealing with recent frustrated incursions MST:. After entering industrial economies, the movement was retaliated against by parliamentarians, small rural producers and turned out to be a pineapple for Lula’s government.

“It doesn’t help the president that it’s his speech exactly the same as MST, and his words are not liked by the majority of parliamentarians. In an interview with Jornal Nacional during last year’s campaign, the then-PT candidate said the group only invaded unproductive lands. “What kind of fertile land was the landless invaded?” asked Lula. Then he spoke about his government. “Because the landless encroached on unproductive land, Incra was responsible for inspecting the land and the government was paying. There was a time when I thought the following. I think the landless are doing the landowners a favor because they’re trespassing to get the government to pay.” But none of the four territories occupied in recent days can be considered as such. Fazenda Limoeiro, which is under judicial registration to determine the share of each heir, environmental protection area and tourist zone. It is used for motocross championships and families who have been allowed to establish subsistence gardens. in the territories of Susanofor pulp production there is a eucalyptus plantation which creates 7 thousand jobs in the region“.

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