Full Body Workout: This is how we train the entire body

There are some videos for isolated abdominal, leg or butt exercises. Here you will find nine exercises that train muscles and endurance of the entire body in one.

With these exercises you can train your whole body. © Caroline West

Sometimes there is no time to intensively train each muscle group individually. That’s why you’ll find nine full-body exercises that combine everything into one.

Note: In this review you will also find endurance exercises that also involve several muscle groups. Have fun!

Workout 1: Simple exercises for the whole body

With a few simple and quick exercises, you can train your entire body in no time.

Exercise 2: Circuit training

In circuit training, individual exercise sequences are repeated.

Exercise 3: Burpees

We use endurance exercise for an entire workout.

Workout 4: Interval Training

This HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout will make you sweat.

Exercise 5: Hula Hoop

For this exercise you need a hula hoop. The training is designed for beginners.

Exercise 6: High and low planks

With this exercise, you can train mainly the middle of your body, the so-called core area, but also your whole body.

Exercise 7: Side planks

With side planks we can also train the core area, but focus more on the lateral parts of the body.

Exercise 8: Back exercise

Those who train building should not forget about a proper back workout.

Exercise 9: Tight arms, strong shoulders

This exercise doesn’t make your biceps big, but it does make your arms and shoulders in shape.

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