Furniture from the People’s Republic of Poland is now very fashionable. Do not throw away old items. 70s, 80s and 90s Maybe you have an iconic table or armchair from the People’s Republic of Poland at home?

The furniture fashion from the period of the Polish People’s Republic has returned, supplanting minimalist arrangements. The interiors are dominated by items from the People’s Republic of Poland. The unique design from that time, once underestimated, today decorates rooms in a modern style. Those of us who remember the 50s, 60s. and the 70s, they want to go back to their childhood and create a substitute for that atmosphere at home. Young people are fascinated by the design of those years, because in it you can find real, timeless gems designed by excellent Polish designers, often forgotten and hidden somewhere in the basement or attic.


Just ten years ago, furniture from the time of the Republic of Poland was thrown into the trash, taken to the house on the lot or pushed into the corner of the garage or attic. Today, unique armchairs, chairs, tables and chests of drawers from that time have become objects of desire. We are looking for items with a soul that will make the interior unique and stop being an impersonal arrangement from a shopping chain. We combine the old with the new and decorate the house with unique items, which are often difficult to come by.

Check out our inspiration gallery with design gems from the era of the Polish People’s Republic:

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Appropriate armchair 366 with the seat lowered low to the ground and characteristic wooden armrests, it is probably the most recognizable piece of furniture from the time of the People’s Republic of Poland. Its ergonomic design and minimalist appearance have made it an inspiration for many designers and an object of desire for fans of Polish design.

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