Gabi Martins talks about the prank involving Gka. “leave him alone”

The singer took to Twitter to counter the barrage of hate the influencer has been receiving lately

Gabi Martins came to the defense of Gka and did not stay silent after the businesswoman was the target of jokes at Globo’s “Best of the Year”. The blonde asked them to leave Gkei alone and that he didn’t understand how ridiculous it was to make fun of the influencer.

“I didn’t find it funny and thought this ‘joke’ about Gka was unnecessary. What is the need for this? Leave him alone.”

Soon he finished the publication. “I hate it when people have to vilify the other person in order to gain an advantage. There is room for everyone. Everyone has their own shine, their own light. You don’t have to compare yourself or put someone down.”

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