Gal Costa’s widow asks the court to recognize her union with the singer

The businesswoman was with the singer for more than 20 years and was a second mother to her adopted son.

Folks, after the death of our MPB muse Gal Costa, late last year, his life partner, businesswoman Vilma Teodoro Petrillo, filed a lawsuit in court asking that her relationship with the singer be recognized as a stable union and that Gal’s estate be inventoried.

According to columnist Leo Diaz, in addition to court recognition of the relationship, Vilma is asking to be named executor of Gal’s estate, and is also asking for custody of the singer’s adopted son, 17-year-old Gabriel Penna Costa. .

In addition to being romantically involved with Gal, Vilma also acted as an artist manager and maintained a “second mother” relationship with Gabriel as, despite having a very low-key relationship, they remained together for over two decades.

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