Garden euonymus – winged, ordinary or happy? Learn more about their requirements and see which type of euonymus will suit your garden

Euonymus is the name for a type of shrub with a rather diverse appearance. Some are grown in gardens as ornamental plants because they are really decorative and easy to handle. There are several species to choose from, the most famous being Winged, Common, Fortune and Japanese Euonymus. You can also choose a trunk on a euonymus. We advise you on what to choose and how to care for these bushes.


Euonymus has many species that differ quite a bit in appearance. Especially Fortune and Japanese euonymus differ in appearance from other species grown in Poland, mainly from winged and common euonymus (which also grows wild). However, if we manage to observe them fruitthen the relationship between the different euonymus becomes clearer. They have specific constructions, and some types are characterized by vivid colors, which makes them very decorative.

Euonymus fruits consist of seeds in colored parchment, which are partially surrounded by the so-called purse and hanging on sometimes quite long handles. In some species (e.g. euonymus) the color of the cocoon and corolla is very contrasting (intense pink and orange), which makes the whole very original (Note: the fruit is poisonous to humans, but birds eat it).

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