Gas price rises, new jobs

For Dorstener, who are E.on gas customers, it will cost more. On the other hand, Arvato wants to create up to 500 new jobs. Connie Sander stops working with a heavy heart.

From August, many consumers in Dorsten will pay significantly more for gas. © photo alliance/dpa/dpa-tmn

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What you need to know in Dorsten today

that Bertelsmann subsidiary Arvato wants up to 500 new jobs in Dorsten to create Although the operation in the new warehouse will be mostly fully automated.

Woolworth will be back in Dorset in a few days. Mercaden has high hopes for a “department store of action”.. Because after investing millions, the return should finally come.

E.on announced the increase in gas prices from August. The energy company is the main supplier of gas in Dorsten. The upcoming heating season will be significantly more expensive for many residents of Dorsten.

Connie Sander has been taking care of stray cats in Dorsten on a voluntary basis for more than four years. Now he has to stop his work with a heavy heart.

Plays at TTV Hervest-Dorsten Michael Balthus Table Tennis Despite Parkinson’s. For him, sport means therapy and inclusion. But the TTV president does not like the term.

From sports

SV Schermbeck has been reinforced with a Premier League player. Meanwhile, two other rookies will not play a game at SVS. One is no longer there, a change was proposed.

From the region

The oak moth season is ending. Forester Christoph Bimmelmans was right in his spring prediction.

The weather

On Saturday morning, it will be partly cloudy in Dorsten. The temperature is 14 degrees. Later in the day, sunny weather will be observed, the temperature will reach 26 degrees. In the evening in Dorsten there are rare gaps in the clouds with temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees.

Cloudy fields will pass on Sunday morning, the temperature will be 17 degrees. During the day, the sky is cloudy, the sun is not visible with maximum values ​​of 26 degrees. In the evening, it will be 18 to 19 degrees in Dorsten.

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