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Gauteng Health has tens of thousands of duplicate invoices

Gauteng Health is at risk of paying more for its services as more than 34,000 duplicate invoices are captured by electronic systems.

Gauteng Health electronic system could lead to fraud

Gauteng Health may pay more for services provided by service providers due to the Electronic Invoice Submission (EIS) system.

The system allows suppliers to upload their invoices. Adriana Randall, DA’s shadow MEC for finance and e-government in Gauteng, said if not carefully monitored, these invoices could be billed twice for services provided.

Over 34,000 duplicate invoices

The Gauteng Health Department answers the DA’s questions at the Provincial Council.

The DA said the duplication of invoices exposed fraud and corruption in the Gauteng health department.Photo: Printers of the future

The report showed that a total of 34 856 duplicate invoices were uploaded to the system by the Department of Health. These invoices are valid from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, Randall said.

“This amounts to R24 256 537 105,09. The Ministry of Infrastructure has submitted 650 duplicate invoices through the EIS system for a total of R143 716 057,71.”

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GAUTENG HEALTH is the most repeated department

It turns out that Gauteng’s health department submits the highest number of duplicate invoices compared to other provincial governments.

Randall said this shows a loophole in the current system, opening the door for fraud and corruption to occur.

“Our taxpayers cannot afford to have holes in government invoicing and payment systems. Every department has a limited budget and this crack in the system puts even more pressure on the budget.

Fortunately, no duplicate invoices were paid, but human error may have occurred.

“The fact that there may be a problem with the system when uploading invoices, and the fact that only one department seems to have a high number of invoices is very concerning and warrants further investigation.”

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