Get 60 hours of battery life with the Apple Watch Ultra

Low Power Mode arrived for Apple Watch Series 4 and later with watchOS 9 last month. And with watchOS 9.1, the Apple Watch Ultra gets an additional low power setting to go even further. Here’s how to get up to 60 hours of battery life with the Apple Watch Ultra.

Since the first iteration, the Apple Watch has had what the company calls “all-day battery life” of 18 hours. With watchOS 9, this can go up to 36 hours with low power mode enabled for Series 4-8 (and SE).

Although the Apple Watch Ultra boasts 36 hours of battery life without Low Power Mode, it could benefit from this feature as well. However, Apple said that achieving an extended 60-hour battery life for the Apple Watch Ultra would require “an additional low-power setting that reduces the frequency of GPS and heart rate tracking” – which was not available at launch – but ships with watchOS 9.1.

How to get 60 hours of battery life with the Apple Watch Ultra

Step 1: Enable the Ultra Low Power Mode feature on Apple Watch Ultra

The new feature for less GPS and heart rate readings is also available for Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2 but Apple didn’t say it would take those beyond the 36-hour extended battery already available with the main low-power mode switch.

  1. Launch watchOS 9.1, open Settings app on your Apple Watch Ultra
  2. Swipe down and select Coaching
  3. Tap the switch to Low power mode
  4. Swipe down and also tap the switch to Fewer GPS and heart rate readings
  5. Continue reading below to enable the custom low power mode feature outside of workouts

Here’s how Apple describes how it works:

“Conserve battery life during walking, running, and hiking workouts by reducing GPS frequency and heart rate readings and turning off alerts, splits, and segments.”

This mode does not apply to other types of training. This also does not apply to custom or Pacer workouts.

Another important note: If you only use this method, the low power mode will only activate when you start a walking, running or hiking workout and will automatically turn off when you finish the workout.

To achieve the 60-hour battery life of the Apple Watch, you must enable Low Power Mode outside of workouts. This is how:

Step 2: Use standard power saving mode on Apple Watch (Series 4 and later)

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your watch to view Control center
  2. Press battery percentage
  3. Tap the switch to Low Power Mode
  4. Swipe down and select to light up or include for 1, 2 or 3 days
  • Alternatively, on your watch, go to Settings > Battery > Swipe down to Low Power Mode

Here’s what turning on Apple Watch Low Power Mode looks like:

Each time you enable Low Power Mode, your watch will display some (but not all) of the features that will be disabled.

You can just turn it on or choose to turn it on for several days (up to 3).

60 hours of Apple Watch Ultra 2 battery life
60 hours of Apple Watch Ultra 3 battery life

Details about Apple Watch’s power saving mode

What is disabled with Apple Watch Low Power Mode?

  • Disable always-on display
  • May delay incoming notifications
  • Disables background heart rate measurements
  • Disable heart rate notifications (irregular rhythm and high/low alerts)
  • Disables blood oxygen measurements
  • Turns off “Reminder to start training”
  • Wi-Fi and cellular network will be disabled when the iPhone is not nearby – that means no phone calls and no notifications

Low power mode also means:

  • Making a phone call may take longer
  • Refreshing the background app happens less often
  • Less frequently updated complications
  • Siri may take longer to process a request
  • Some animations and scrolling may appear less smooth

How does low power mode behave?

  • A yellow circle will appear at the top of your watch when the feature is enabled
    • The battery percentage in Control Center and Nightstand mode is also yellow
  • Apple Watch will automatically ask you if you want to turn on the power saving feature after reaching 10% battery
  • Low power mode turns off automatically when you reach 80% charge

Another good option if you regularly run out of Apple Watch battery is to pick up a compact charging pad like this one from Native Union, Anker, and more.

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