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Get baking for a North Devon hospice

There are few things that are more enjoyable than discovering hidden talent, so I was pleased to evaluate the annual North Devon Hospice Bake-Off this week.

It has grown into a very popular tradition and we missed it very much during Covid, so it was even more strange to bring people together and admire the beautiful creations that are on display.

The staff from all over the hospice demonstrated truly amazing baking skills.

The hospice has an annual Bake Off-Credit: NDH competition

There were charitable collections that showed a fondness for fondant, IT staff received glaze just right, and nurses showed off their talent for orientation in a non-stick can.

We were treated like champions and taste test champions without seeing a soggy bottom!

It was warm to see the hospice staff meeting and enjoying the opportunity after such a long separation. It is often said that the hospice runs on the cake, and this was definitely the case this week, because we all tasted the delicious offers and made sure nothing was wasted! It was a great example of why North Devon Hospice is such a grateful place to work.

People imagine that it can be degrading or serious, but the first thing you will probably hear when you come to the hospice is laughter. This is because we want to make the most of every day and create happy memories.

As a catering team, it is a pleasure for us to play such a big role and help create precious moments for our patients and their families, because food is such an important part of our overall well-being.

The hospice has an annual Bake Off-Credit: NDH competition
The hospice has an annual Bake Off-Credit: NDH competition

We always do something extra to create meals that bring joy to our patients, and we love lying on special occasions such as dinners or birthday parties that whole families can enjoy.

One of the opportunities that arose in the lock was the opportunity to renovate and paint our cafe on the terrace in the hospice, which is now a beautiful and pleasant space for everyone. This week, it was the site of the Bake-Off staff and a place where patients, families, volunteers and visitors can enjoy a meal together in a peaceful environment. It is really a pleasure to work in this environment and we all consider ourselves in the catering team to be very lucky.

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