Giga Chikadze down to fight Zombie, Holloway or replace Ortega-Rodriguez.Sports Update 

Giga Chikadze down to fight Zombie, Holloway or replace Ortega-Rodriguez.

UFC featherweight Giga Chikadze looks set to make a comeback after suffering his first loss to promotion earlier this year.

Georgia’s Chikadze (14-3) was at the end of a unanimous decision against Calvin Kattar in January. This fight was a punch. This expands Chikadze’s post-battle streak bonus to four after winning the Fight of the Night award.

since then The featherweight version has also been linked to fighting Korean zombies. However, Chikadze recently told Cageside Press that he wasn’t sure where the zombies were.

“I don’t know man, zombies are not just zombies. Who loses tomorrow? [between Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway]I felt like it was the right fight,” Chikadze said at UFC X on Friday. “I felt like Brian. [Ortega] and Grandma’er [Rodriguez] is fighting If someone pulls it out— I don’t know.”

“There are a lot of interesting pairings,” Cikadze continued, “I would love to jump into the opportunity for the fans, whatever the fans want to see, even a Kattar rematch someday. We take pictures in octagons. and we took that [the] After the party, we’ll get the same thing and see what happens next time.”

In the meantime, Chikadze is in the gym enjoying video clips and fellow martial artists sending him out on their efforts at the Giga Kick.

“I get every hour, at least two,” he said of the fan-created clip, and he definitely enjoys them. “Of course! I’ve seen it like knockouts at the gym, at events, at kickboxing matches, MMA matches. I can’t even express my feelings when I see someone fall over it. But, you know, that kicks the liver. But there’s a way I do it too. When I saw the exact same movement when they try to imitate the same thing That makes me happy.”

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