Gigabyte and Aorus Laptops Promotion – You can get $60 on Steam

Gaming money to buy a gaming laptop? This is a promotion that attracts Gigabyte – when you buy a new model, you will be able to replenish your wallet on the Steam platform.

Buying a new gaming laptop is not an easy decision. Gigabyte has prepared an attractive campaign to encourage customers to buy new models.

Promotion for Gigabyte and Aorus laptops. The producer gives the money for the games

Promotion includes Gigabyte A5/G5, AERO/AORUS XD (11th generation Intel Core processor) and AORUS/AERO VE (12th generation Intel Core processor) – here you will be able to get Steam Wallet refill codes.

Gigabyte A5/G5/AORUS/AERO XD are cheaper models that should meet the expectations of players with smaller wallets. With the purchase of such laptops, you can get 4 codes at the price of $10 each (total value of the codes is $40). For Gigabyte AORUS/AERO VE models, the manufacturer will send 6 codes at $10 each ($60 total).

The promotion includes laptops purchased from December 13 to December 31, 2022, so it will be perfect, for example, when buying a Christmas present (the promotion is valid in Media Expert and Morele stores, among others). After purchasing the equipment, send an e-mail to [email¬†protected] with proof of purchase, and after a positive verification of the application, the organizer will send the codes. But it’s worth hurrying because the number of codes is limited. The provision of the rulebook emphasizes that the supplements should be used immediately (maximum within two weeks of receipt).

Source: Gigabyte

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