Gilmar Mendes proposes to stop the 2-month vacation of judges. VIDEO

Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Gilmar Mendes defended the end of the 2-month vacation for judges and suggested that they only have one, like any mortal Brazilian worker under an official contract.

Gilmar’s proposal was a response to the Associação Brasileira de Magistratura (AMB) regarding the attempt to delay the creation of the Juiz de Garantias Institute. Gilmar Mendes, the dean (oldest) of the 11 supreme ministers, publicly responded to the organization and criticized what he considers a privilege: the two-month leave.

“If the Brazilian Judges Association wants to advance the debate on the speed of the process, then generally accept the one-month vacation,” Gilmar advised.

“End of 2 months vacation”

The alleged attempt to postpone the verdict on the establishment of the institution of the bail judge irritated Gilmar.

The Bail Judge is a model that provides for the appointment of a judge to exclusively supervise the investigative phase of a crime and another to oversee the trial, which will avoid over-concentration of powers in the hands of a single magistrate, as happened in Lava Jato. .

During the plenary session of the STF, Gilmar Medes directly said: “End the two-month vacation. It will be an investment and not this kind of lack of subtlety to slow down the process.”

The two-month leave is provided for by the Organic Law of the Judiciary (Loman), which has been in force since 1979. There are few judges who offer to debate and give up two months of vacation.

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surety judge

The anti-crime package (Law 13,964) was approved by the then President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, adding the function of the Guarantor Judge. In the original text of the anti-crime package, the above-mentioned institution of the Judge of Guarantors was not provided for.

Bill 4981 designates a bail judge responsible for overseeing the legality of criminal investigations and protecting personal integrity.

It is expected to maintain the judge’s distance and impartiality in the process.

The above-mentioned project was approved by a vote in the Chamber of Deputies, and the existing legislation was later amended.

Watch the video of Gilmar Mendes proposing a 1-month vacation for the judges and tell us if you agree with him.

With information from O Estado de S.Paulo

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