Giselle Itié exposes what really happened on a trip with her son: ‘Images don’t count’

A first-time mother, the actress spoke about the challenges she faced with Pedro Luna, 2, in Maragogi.

Playback/Instagram/gitieGiselle Itié sitting with her son in a hammock
Giselle Itié went with her son to Alagoas hoping to relax

actress Gisila Itie decided to expose the behind-the-scenes of the last trip he took with his son, Pedro Luna2 years old, in Maragogi, Alagoas🇧🇷 In an explosion on social networks, the artist spoke about the problems she faced during the tour. “Was it nice? Was it nice. did I rest? On the contrary, I came back more exhausted. But pictures don’t count [isso] for us, right? The first-time mother here vowed to rest on vacation, “he said. Gisila explained that she did not travel alone with her son, but even with someone to help her, she could not rest. “You don’t especially with a 2-year-old and 7-month-old child who is still breastfeeding, [dorme em] shared bed and it hurts. We woke up at 6am and left at 11am. Trying to do the purification ritual, the syrups, the potions and the like.” The artist said that she knows that she is a privileged mother and has only chosen to report what really happened on her journey, after talking to other mothers she realized that she is not alone. “I realized that coming back from vacations exhausted is completely ‘normal’ for us mothers. Unfortunately”, he concluded. In the comments of the post, some women have said that they understand the actress. Pedro Luna is Gisila’s son with the actor William Winter🇧🇷 The couple was no longer together when the son was born.

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