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Glacy and the fantasy world of “expansionary fiscal policy.”

Photo: Paulo Sergio/Chamber of Deputies

President of PA, deputy Glacey Hoffman (photo), used social media to advocate expansion of public investment as a means of promoting economic growth. He wrote on Twitter:

“If it is true that according to the indicators published by the government, the economy will grow less this year, then it should increase public investment and social At such times, fiscal policy should be counter-cyclical, expansionist“.

of glace was not the only one to advocate expansionary fiscal policy. On Saturday, the Minister of Transport. Renan Filhostated that “The new tax rule should correct the mistakes of the past and resume investment in the countryinfrastructure and society.

“For the past four years the spending ceiling dwarfed Brazil’s. Our neighbor Uruguay, with a population 60 times smaller, has invested the same. Example for us”wrote on Twitter.

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