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Global tablet shipments are set to decline by 5% in 2022, Canalys says

Global market tablet shipments grew slightly in the fourth quarter of 2022, just 1%. However, for the full year Canalys recorded a 5% decline compared to 2021, reaching 150.8 million units shipped, with 42.3 million units shipped in 4Q22 alone.

Apple held the top spot in the rankings, selling 60.8 million units throughout the year and controlling a 40% market share worldwide.

Samsung came in second with 29 million units, taking it to 19% of the market for the year. Amazon, in third place, sold 13.65 million units. The Black Friday push, with deep discounts on its Fire, saw the company end the year with a 3% increase in shipments of its tablets.

Lenovo and Huawei finished fourth and fifth respectively, with sharp declines of -33.8% and -31.6% respectively. Lenovo shipped 11.56 million units and Huawei 6.29 million.

Total sales from other suppliers increased by 4%, with an emphasis on the entry of new suppliers into the tablet market.

According to analysts at Canalys, despite the decline from 2021, tablet shipment volumes in 2022 are well above pre-pandemic levels and opportunities for future growth remain intact given digitization in education.

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