Gloria Grove comments on Luisa Sonza and Kama’s company. “very cool”

The singer is interrupted by Gloria and stuck in front of the feature that gave her and Shaman’s friendship

My people, my WhatsApp didn’t stop for a minute after Gloria Groove made Luisa Sonza lose her line on “Música Boa Ao Vivo” on Multishow. The singer stated that the friendship between Louisa and Kama was very good, revealing more than the blonde would have liked. At that time Louisa was stuck because she didn’t know what to say. Allocate!

“Ah, the shaman and I, we’ve always had a very close relationship. He has always been a great partner in my life,” said the blonde. He was then interrupted by Gloria Groves, who exploded. “Bullet, guys. Very large”.

Luisa is very confused by Gloria’s accusation and says: “Go on, my friend. Did it work, bassoon? It was just an observation. Oh, what nonsense!’ With that, the audience burst out laughing and the video received reactions on social networks.

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