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Godox AK-R21 – projection cover for flash lamps

Godox introduces a new converter that allows you to use your flash bulbs in a creative new way. Thanks to it, we get effects like in Gobo projectors.

Press release

Business The next 77exclusive seller of the brand’s products Godox In Poland, announces the premiere of the new Godox converter designed for flash lamps, i.e. overlay AK-R21.

Unlimited invention

The overlay is designed to bring new opportunities to all content creators looking for inspiration. With optional lenses and films, the AK-R21 can add something special to your photos using the flash equipment you already own.


The new Godox device is a perfect combination of simplicity and wide possibilities. The AK-R21 is designed to work with two types of flash heads thanks to two available mounts. The set is compatible with AD200Pro (round head and Fresnel head), AD100Pro, LC30, ML30, V1 and almost all other brands of reporter lamps.

Different focal lengths

The AK-R1 comes with a ready-to-use kit that includes a hood, a separate 65mm lens and a set of creative films. The lenses are carefully designed to eliminate aberrations and interference. Whatever we project, we get clear shapes and vivid images. In addition to the supplied 65 mm lens, there are two 50 mm and 83 mm lenses to choose from.

Sharp or fuzzy

Whether you want realistic or abstract elements in your photography, with the AKR-R21 you can get a sharper or softer reflection and get the desired effect by turning the control.

Packages and availability

The price and availability of the sets will be announced shortly. It is known that, in addition to the projection coating, the basic kit includes a 65 mm lens, a mounting bracket for round heads, a slide holder and a transport bag.

There are also accessories available to expand the features of the set, such as lenses, slide sets, etc. The set can be purchased from an official Godox store.

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