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“Good for Rares”. Grandfather’s legacy turns out to be a masterpiece

“Well done for Reiss”
From grandfather’s living room. the legacy turns out to be a masterpiece

Your visit to Bares for Rares was worth it. daughter and father Primavesi are happy about the big money.


Bares for Rares is selling an old painting. The sellers have no idea that an old master is hanging in the living room of the grandfather.

It hung in my grandfather’s living room for years. Victoria and Thomas Primavesi, daughter and father from Hamburg and Olpe, come with the legacy of the Bares Rares – picture. “It’s always been passed down in our family,” the daughter explains on Horst Lichter’s ZDF trash show. Unfortunately, the color no longer fits in her apartment. “It’s a bit of a shame but we hope it ends up in good hands.” What none of them doubts. a little masterpiece hanging in grandpa’s living room.

“The artist was Patrick von Kalkkreut,” explains Bianca Berding, an expert at Bares for Res. Born in Kiel in 1898, the artist specialized in surfing and the sea. Primavesis’ painting also features a seascape, the rising North Sea. “Kalckreuth made several voyages, but the North Sea fascinated him,” says Berding. Above all, his depiction of spray, water and light is technically virtuoso. “His horizon is very high. The sea fills almost the entire image,” enthuses the expert.

For Rares traders, cash trumps expertise

The Primavesis want 1000 euros for the grandfather’s picture. “But we will allow ourselves to be surprised,” says the daughter. Bianca Berding agrees with this idea. As the oil painting is in excellent condition and the frame also fits, its estimated price is between 800 and 1000 euros. But there is a surprise in the dealer’s room.

“Kalckreuth is the artist of waves,” Fabian Kal recognizes immediately. Wolfgang Pauric also likes the picture. “We are excited,” he says. Kahl starts with an offer of €400. But Elke Velten-Tönnies and Jan Cizek are also bidding. €500, €600, €1000 – bids go up. Cizek wants the picture and outbids everyone by €50 each. The Velten-Tönnies comes out at €1,550. “Are we going to do this?” Cizek asks. “€1,600 would be better,” Primavesi gambles. “I enjoy doing it.”

Primavesis received 600 euros more than the expert’s estimate. Complete success. Father and daughter want to invest the money in a trip.

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Source: Bares for Rares on July 29, 2022. New episodes of the trash show with Horst Lichter can be seen from Monday to Friday at 15:05 on ZDF and in advance in the media library.


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