Google Announces Code Red Due to Popular GPT Chat Bot

Mobilization in the ranks of Google. The goal is only one – to prevent the “threat” of artificial intelligence from Open AI.

In the face of dynamically developing artificial intelligence tools that have mushroomed in recent months, we often debate whether artificial intelligence will take the jobs of graphic designers, writers or copywriters in the near future. Of course, you can still turn it into a joke at this stage, but when one of the largest corporations mobilizes forces in fear of a chatbot, we realize that the situation is already getting serious. Why is Google afraid of Chat GPT? Well, it’s about money.

A bot that collects Google customers

I wrote more about the great tool Chat GPT in this publication, so we will not go into the detailed aspects of this technology now. However, to properly outline the scope of the problem, I will briefly explain why Google has a right to be afraid of AI. GPT chat looks unobtrusive at first glance, but just ask it a few questions to understand how powerful a bot we are dealing with.

The tool created by Open AI is one of the most advanced conversational bots. It will create a story, write a letter, create a post to publish on social networks or translate a text for you in a few seconds. However, there is no problem here. GPT Chat uses all the resources of the Internet, thanks to which it is able to answer the user’s question in a fraction of a second. And who lives off the questions asked and ads displayed while generating results? That’s right, Google. The problem is that artificial intelligence can answer questions more comprehensively and comprehensively than a search engine that only throws up some links. Thanks to this, just 5 days after the launch, Chat GPT boasted a million users. And it is precisely this outflow of potential customers that Google is worried about.

Open AI is a thorn in Google’s side

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, held a series of internal meetings advising AI staff to step up their efforts to develop a strategy to counter the Chat GPT “threat.” As The New York Times reports, research departments and teams responsible for security and trust mechanisms have been commissioned to help develop new artificial intelligence products to compete with Open AI bots.

Why the sudden commotion? Google is apparently worried that the conversational tool will drive some customers away from the search engine, which will translate directly into ad revenue, which generated $208 billion in 2021, or 81% of Alphabet’s revenue. The potential replacement of the search engine by artificial intelligence and the financial consequences that such a situation will cause are heatedly debated in the ranks of corporations.

Interestingly, Google has its own text bot called LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), but does not want to make it available to the public for fear of image controversy. AI bots tend to make… umm, politically incorrect comments on certain issues and tend to be racist and sexist. GPT Chat is a great example of this, as just two weeks ago the bot came under fire for its unfortunate generation of a list of nationalities that can be tortured.

According to the Times, Google also wants to create an alternative to the powerful DALL-E tool for generating graphics from text commands. what will come of it? Hopefully we’ll get an answer to this question in May, during the annual Google I/O programming conference.

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