Google Bard: Answer to ChatGPT

He didn’t let him wait long. Google presented its answer to the ChatGPT service – an artificial intelligence-based bot that naturally responds to user queries. His name is Bard and his goal is to change the way we search for information.

Bard, which is kind of like ChatGPT, but from Google

Bard it is based on similar assumptions as ChatGPT. The conversational system (or simply: chatbot) created by Google engineers aims to answer every question in a natural and understandable way for the average user. Of course, this is just the beginning of a long list of its capabilities.

What can Bard do? Google boasts that it can e.g “explain the new discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope to a nine-year-old”. And that helps “learn about the best strikers today”then “represents development exercises”yes finally “plan a baby shower for friends”, “compare two films nominated for an Oscar” and suggest what is worth seeing in this or another place in the world.

It can be assumed that the Bard will initially concentrate more on simply answering questions. However, it may eventually integrate with other Google apps, such as Calendar or Meet. As a result, using a bot in the search engine, we will arrange a meeting or set a schedule for the whole next week.

Bard and its ilk will transform your web browsing

But let’s get down to earth and focus on what we can count on sooner rather than later. So, in what cases can such a chatbot be useful to us? Well, for example, when our question is complex and in search of an answer, it is not enough to read one article. Such “is learning to play chess more difficult than playing the guitar and how many hours do I have to spend every day to master it in 12 months?”.

In this case, the bard will investigate for us and after a few moments give a concrete answer to this question. Otherwise, the same is planned by Microsoft, which integrates the ChatGPT service with the Bing search engine. And speaking of that…

With its GPT Chat, OpenAI has shown that there is a huge potential in this type of solution. And Google has practically everything to repeat and even surpass this success. First of all: he has not been dealing with artificial intelligence since yesterday, and secondly – he has vast amounts of knowledge at his disposal. After all, Google maintains the most up-to-date content registry in the world.

Of course, having knowledge is one thing, and knowing how to use it is another. Initially, testers will find out if Google is doing well in the latter, but there is a high probability that the public premiere of Bard will take place later this year. The competition will not wait.

Source: Google, Tech Crunch, Engadget

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