Google Bard will compete with ChatGPT. it’s time to start the AI ​​war

Google must have been very nervous about OpenAI’s success with its ChatGPT service, which is gaining new users at a rapid pace. Thanks to this, we will soon be able to use a similar tool called Bard.

Bard will compete with ChatGPT

Google was the forerunner of AI research, they created the entire transformation technology (hence the name GPT) that allows computers to understand human speech. Sundar Pichai reiterated this in his latest blog post, recalling that Google seriously focused on working on artificial intelligence more than 6 years ago. Until now, however, the company has been very sparing in boasting about what its solutions can do, limiting itself to pretty presentations at Google I/O. Now, however, that’s about to change, thanks to an attack launched by OpenAI.

According to numerous comments, the warm reception of ChatGPT by the Internet community and the lack of significant mishaps has caused quite a stir in Mountain View. Google has clearly announced a conference on artificial intelligence, which is scheduled for February 8. However, a post by Alphabet’s CEO appeared on the company’s blog yesterday, announcing the wider availability of the service called Bard. It will be a solution based on the LaMDA – Language Model for Dialogue Applications technology, which Google introduced two years ago. It is nothing but the twin of ChatGPT, which allows you to ask questions and get answers, and which will become an integral part of the search engine.

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Bard is already being tested by a small audience, but in the coming weeks Google wants to make this solution available to a wider audience. It will be a slightly simplified model that requires less computing power, but it will work on the entire available data set, i.e. the Internet. Because of this, the Bard should provide reliable information and help people in many aspects of their daily lives. As an example of its possibilities, the answer to the question was given: how to explain to a 9-year-old child what the JWST telescope discovered. However, Bard’s capabilities don’t end there. The model is the collection and analysis of data, which will allow it to answer objectively, for example, the question of whether it is easier to learn to play the piano or the guitar.

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Sundar Pichar argues that what we search on the Internet today has changed in recent years. We ask more and more detailed questions, and artificial intelligence will help us not only to search larger data sets, but also to synthesize a ready answer. Google intends to be bolder in this regard and be more willing to boast about its technologies (PaLM, Imagen, MusicLM), and the success of Microsoft and OpenAI has a large part in this. Until now, the company was afraid that the artificial intelligence could be “corrupted” by users and start spreading inappropriate content, for example, of a racist nature. Among other things, this is where the caution comes in, but as you can see with the ChatGPT example, a well-prepared service can protect against this.

Microsoft will announce ChatGPT on Bing today

The competition between Google and Microsoft is only getting worse. A few minutes after the publication of Sundar Pichai on the Google blog, there was information that Microsoft will inform today about further development plans of ChatGPT with OpenAI. Conferences were announced by Satya Nadella himself, together with Sam Altman, that is, the most important people of both companies. It is believed that today we can get the official announcement of ChatGPT on Bing, but of course that will not be the only news. In recent weeks, events have accelerated significantly, and the battle for primacy in the field of artificial intelligence is finally beginning.

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