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Google Business Messages shares the results of Samsung and Dell using the platform

Amidst WhatsApp’s dominance in online customer service, which is gaining more and more features aimed at companies, some companies are also present on other platforms. At a LivePerson event, in São Paulo, this Thursday, the 9th, Kaio Marin, the market leader of Google Business Messages (GBM) in Brazil, shared the results of Samsung and Dell using the service channel created by Google, in 2020 .

30% of people interact with the Samsung chatbot welcome message to the platform. 20% of conversations convert into leads. The company also had a 10% increase in the growing volume of the conversation – this means that people who went to other channels, such as telephone, began to go to GBM, which generates lower service costs.

Marin explained that Dell uses GBM for service and sales. 31% of chat sessions are related to IT infrastructure, a topic that would require the help of more qualified people, such as engineers, resulting in lower labor costs. 27% of conversations convert to leads, while 9% go to agent service.

Companies do not pay anything to use GBM, unlike other channels. “Google does not make money from this channel from a messaging perspective. Ultimately, the benefit for Google is that, by keeping the customer in our ecosystem, we sell more Google Ads and Google products,” said the market leader, who does not see WhatsApp as a competitor.

Google has made several changes to its ecosystem to increase the use of GBM, integrating chat shortcuts into its products, such as the search tool and Google Maps. In addition, one feature should arrive in Brazil soon: GBM messages will appear within Messages, Google’s messaging app native to Android devices, with support for RCS, SMS and instant messaging.

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