Google Glass – the gadget everyone has been waiting for

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This year, the popular search engine Google announced Project Glass. If you like to use the Internet on the go and are always on your smartphone, this gadget will be especially interesting for you. This unusual gadget projects all information from the Internet (eg news, latest weather forecasts and e-mail) directly in front of your eyes with the help of glasses. There are even some Project Glass videos on YouTube and judging by people’s reactions, this is sure to be a hit as soon as it hits the market.

Moreover, Google also presented live events about the actual product it is planning to launch, and it seems that everyone can’t wait for the device to hit the market now. Built into one of the glasses’ lenses, the specs overlap with the internet and information you want with real-world vision. It’s there when you want it and out of sight when you don’t; much more practical than rummaging through your phone bag.

Developed by Google, the glasses also come with a small camera that allows the user to easily take photos or record videos, so you can capture all those important moments from your perspective.

However, there is one problem with this product, its aesthetics. Although this technology seems useful, high-tech and revolutionary, it will take some time for people to adjust to seeing it in public; there is really a small risk of looking a bit weird with this product. However, this product can certainly be a thing of the future.

For more information on release dates and possible other features of Project Glass, check out gadget sites like or that have all the up-to-date information on the latest gadgets hitting the market.


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