Google is changing its strategy. Will Pixels finally go to Poland?

Residents of Poland, like most countries in the world, associate Google primarily through the prism of the Google search engine and the Chrome web browser, as well as the Android system, the YouTube platform, the Gmail email client, the Photos application and eventually the Assistant (although it is impossible to resist the impression that, at least in Poland, it was not a spectacular success). However, the Mountain View giant may change its image as it prepares to significantly change its strategy.

Google’s new strategy. It won’t be without casualties

According to sources close to the Mountain View giant, its CEO Sundar Pichai believes that the device segment is a kind of “protective jacket” for the company, thanks to which it can compensate for possible losses in the mobile market. According to information provided by Sissie Hsiao, VP / GM of Google Assistant, Sundar Pichai fears that Apple is taking away customers from Android devices, as well as losing many years of cooperation with Apple, where Google is the default search engine on iOS ( for which in 2021 the giant from Cupertino was supposed to receive up to 15 billion dollars). Pichai is concerned that antitrust authorities will step in and ban the practice.

Moreover, the manufacturer is expected to invest less and less in Car Assistant and third-party equipment in general. The management team also had to consider moving employees away from Assistant and Google TV. According to Sissie Hsiao, the Android Automotive platform generates “only” USD 1 billion in revenue, while in 2021, the Mountain View giant’s total revenue amounts to … USD 257.6 billion.

However, it is not only car manufacturers that could suffer, as according to The Information Google, in the case of Android, it focuses on providing the best services only to selected “premium” partners such as Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus. As you can see, although many companies use Android, not all are treated equally. However, Huawei has proven again and again that you can become “independent” of Google – the latest version of its interface, EMUI 13, has a lot of great features that Android does not have, and it is not known whether they will be there at all.

Will Google Pixel smartphones finally officially go to Poland?

With uncertainty surrounding the future of services, Google intends to focus even more on hardware. The key to growing your sales on a large enough scale to offset any decline in service revenue is, of course, to enter more markets and spend a lot of money on marketing (fortunately or fortunately – advertising is a commercial lever) .

Currently, Google’s official store operates in five countries in the Americas, seven in the Asia-Pacific region and fifteen in Europe, although not everywhere the company sells all its devices – for example, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in “only” sixteen. Of course, Poland is not on the list, although Google devices can be purchased in the x-com store (although their availability varies).

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones
Google Pixel 7 (left) and Pixel 7 Pro (right) smartphones.

A few days ago, Miron Nurski of Komórkomania revealed that he spoke with employees of the Polish branch of Google and they said that they would be happy to bring the Pixel series to Poland because they believe it will be successful. However, the management of the Mountain View giant does not want to agree to this, since the condition for selling cheaper models in a given country is the sale of flagship Pixels, and those in Poland are not necessarily very popular.

However, it shouldn’t be, because – as I mentioned – advertising is a commercial lever, and it would be enough for Google to spend a little (a lot) of money on marketing, and surely many customers would decide to buy the flagship Pixel. Especially since the price of both Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 is not very high – converted from Euro to PLN, it is currently ~ PLN 3100. Even at a price of 3500+, it will definitely have a chance to break through the competition, especially since the Pixels take great pictures, and this aspect is one of the most important for customers.

Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone
Pixel 7 Pro (Source: Google)

It’s a shame that Google didn’t notice how many people from Poland brought the Pixel 6 to the country of the Vistula River in various ways. This is not necessarily the case with the Pixel 7, but not because it is not interesting – but because it costs as much as the Pixel 6, but the situation in Poland is not favorable for buying more expensive smartphones (although – again – around 3000 PLN is not astronomical amount for a person who wants to buy a flagship).

However, if Google sees an opportunity in hardware expansion, you can believe that it will finally decide to officially enter Poland as well. I am 100% sure that customers in Poland would be very happy with it. Especially since many of them already buy products on Amazon, although they do not support the Polish language – this does not prevent them from using them, even if one does not speak English.

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