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Google launches Bard, its AI chatbot, to rival ChatGPT

In the demo, the user asks about the latest discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: Google/Discovery

Google unveiled its new artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot, Bard, on Monday, which should rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The AI ​​chat service currently has limited access to a test group, but is expected to become widely available in the coming weeks, according to the company.

Chatbot is based on the Language Model for Dialog Applications (LaMDA), a family of conversational neural language models from Google. In addition to providing in-depth answers on various topics, it has one difference – it manages to collect information on the latest events. He is able to list, for example, new discoveries from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, or “the best strikers in football right now”.

The initial version of Bard, which is being tested, uses a lighter model of LaMDA, which requires less computing power. Therefore, more users are able to participate in tests and provide feedback. “We will combine external feedback with our internal testing to ensure that Bard’s responses meet a high level of quality, security and grounding in real-world information,” Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said in announcing the news. .

AI in search

The search service will have added AI capability. Credit: disclosure

At the financial results conference for the last quarter of 2022, Pichai had already said that Google’s traditional search service would undergo an overhaul, using AI resources. Now, the CEO has made the change official. When users do some searches, the first results will not be links, but possible insights a little deeper about the search.

“Is it easier to learn piano or guitar and how much practice does each need?” is one of the examples cited by Pichai. While conducting research, AI algorithms provide an answer with several views on the topic, in addition to recommending music teachers.

According to the CEO, Search’s AI features are coming soon. Next Wednesday, the 8th, Google will promote an event in which it will provide more details on this topic.


Another innovation announced by Pichai is that developers, creators and individual companies will be able to try Google’s generative language API, starting in March 2023. Initially, it will use LaMDA. The company plans to release more tools and APIs to facilitate the creation of AI applications in the future.

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