Google News will keep us safe in group chat

Google promised a while back that it would add end-to-end encryption to group chats in its Messages app as well. The company announced it during Google I / O 2022, so we had to wait a few months for the first mention of work on the functionality.

Google Messages with E2E encryption for group chats

According to reports from Reddit, some users have already noticed a new feature. For now, this is still a non-functional option – Google News seems to want to establish a full encrypted connection, but to no avail.

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There is a notification that the message you are trying to view is encrypted and invisible, probably due to the fact that not every member of the group chat already has this feature. After digging deeper, it was discovered that encrypted group time was already turned on – a corresponding flag appeared. However, it is not known which version this applies to and if the update is server-side.

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The very fact that some of the messages in such a chat remain invisible to people without the new feature proves that Google has not yet perfected E2E encryption for group chats. Otherwise, such messages will be sent unencrypted, so none of the chat members will be excluded from the conversation.

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However, it’s a big step forward when it comes to protecting your Google News conversations. Moreover, the competition has long introduced such security at home.

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