Google Pixel 7 for 64-bit apps only

Android apps that are only made for 64-bit devices run successfully on smartphones Google Pixel 7. It’s the first phone to drop 32-bit code support.

Advantage with 64 bits

Google has praised why it has decided to ditch apps written only in 32-bit code in its new mobile devices. According to the company, it manufactures smartphones Pixel 7 may notice that programs run faster. This is because 64-bit applications have access to additional registers and instructions that are not available to 32-bit applications. The processors themselves can run up to 25% better performance when they have 64-bit code to execute or when they completely remove support for 32-bit code.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

As the analyzes show, thanks to the removal of support for 32-bit applications, Android saves up to 150 MB of RAM. This memory is used by the operating system “just in case” – even if 32-bit applications are not currently running. This way, fewer apps are killed in the background and you can count on smoother running of those in the foreground.

Google requires developers to create 64-bit versions of the app since 2019. This is one of the fundamentals of Android software development.

Pixel 7 is not compatible with older apps

Interestingly, some new Pixel owners have already reported running into some issues when trying to install older, out-of-date apps. However, this did not happen when sucking apps from the Google Play store and when they wanted to equip the program from the unpacked APK file.

Google will continue to encourage developers to test their applications in 64-bit environments. 32-bit support will remain for Android Go, Android TV and Wear OS.

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