Google Pixel 7 (Pro) is the first smartphone of this kind worldwide

It was already about pixels today, albeit as part of a pleasant campaign, as well as the horrendous rating of the Polish store. This time, however, not about the price, but about the fact that the Google Pixel 7 (Pro) is the only smartphone of this type in the world. What exactly is it about?

More curious people noticed that the latest smartphones from the American manufacturer, ie Google Pixel 7 (Pro) They no longer support some applications that we can easily launch on other smartphones.

Google Pixel 7 (Pro) is the world’s first true 64-bit smartphone

I’m talking about supporting programs that work on the basis of 32-bit system. Google flagships You are out of support for all applications that owe their operation to it, although the Google Tensor 2 processor itself has cores that support 32-bit applications.

Google Tensor 2 / Photo by Kuba Wojciechowski

I am, of course, speaking of Fr. Cortex-X1, Cortex-A78 and Cortex-A55. All of them have no limitations in handling such applications. Apparently, the American company wants to get rid of 32-bit applications once and for all and force its manufacturers to switch to a 64-bit system.


Google Pixel 7 phones. Manufacturer

However, this is supposed to be a positive change, thanks to which our Android smartphones just work better, as well as all applications.

When will the change affect other manufacturers?

There have been rumors for some time that Google will decide to only release Android worldwide in the 64-bit version. when will it happen At the moment it is not yet known, although of course the next opportunity will be Android 14 next year.

So, if you care about 32-bit applications, Google Pixel 6 supports them for now

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