Google starts ranking advertising agencies

Renan Honorato

March 8, 2023 – 16:38 hours

Last Tuesday the 7th, Google launched an agency maturity index that will serve as a ranking on the platform (Credit: Shutterstock)

Exclusively in Brazil, Google is launching consulting services for agencies that want to increase the digital maturity index on the platform. gMaturity was developed by the company over the last two years, in partnership with Sparks&Honey, and intends to categorize marketing companies into four levels of technological development, integration and usability, especially in relation to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday business.

The stages of digital integration are: Nascent, Emerging, Connected and Multimoment. “From the survey we conducted, we concluded that here in Brazil there is no agency that is in the last phase,” explains the director of Google’s agencies in Brazil, Aline Moda. At that first moment, about 30 agencies were analyzed, and the results were: 88% of them are in the initial stages of the index (48% Nascent and 39% Emerging) and 12% as Conectadas. “Our goal is to have at least one agency on the last level of the index by the end of the year,” he emphasizes.

According to her, the search engine wants to introduce artificial intelligence in subsidiaries and thus enable the executive to manage human labor more efficiently in other segments of the sector. “We don’t want to take jobs away from employees, we want agencies to place these people in areas that allow them to work together with AI tools, saving time and increasing profits,” he emphasizes.

According to research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, at the request of Google, companies in the last of the four stages can see a 20% increase in revenue and a 30% reduction in costs associated with marketing campaigns.

gMaturity uses 40 criteria to list agencies in their respective stages of digitization, even so, they can be classified into four main pillars.

> Team training includes expertise of agency teams in the use of operational tools available from Google;

> Adopting innovative technologies in the creative process and extracting insights;

> Use of artificial intelligence in the production, creation and distribution of works, including purchase of space;

> Creative tools include the process of creating pieces, but also in the search for new technologies to optimize this process.

Google ranking

At an event that brought together professionals from 43 agencies at the Blue Note lounge, a bistro specializing in jazz at the top of Conjunto Nacional in São Paulo, Google spokespeople explained the results of this experiment to 180 people.

In an exclusive interview for Media&message, Aline Moda said that agencies at different stages of gMaturity will have different results and impacts. “This is a service that we will offer in a distributed and personalized way for each company,” he comments.

According to the CEO, the choice of Brazil – in addition to the country being among the top three in the use of the company’s platforms – is due to the organic characteristics of the advertising market. “Unlike other countries, agencies here have a lot of autonomy and are ultimately responsible for different stages of the creation and planning process, and this allows us, Google, to advise from a global perspective,” he explains. Follow-up of agencies that accept the challenge will be conducted during the quarter of 2023

The first Google Think Agency was created in 2014, but with the growing demands of the sector, the company focused its efforts on covering the specifics of the sector. With Aline Moda, CEO of Google in Brazil, Fábio Coelho; behavioral intelligence evangelist, Aline Prado; and Terry Young, CEO of Sparks & Honey. This was the first Think of the year, but three more events will be held in March between the 20th and 31st.

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