Google: The other side will be eliminated

The Google search engine will experience one of the biggest changes in recent years. The way we approach those more hidden results will change.

Google search it copes quite well with the selection of content, thanks to which it is usually enough to click on one of the first links, and sometimes you don’t even need to click anywhere to immediately find out the answer to the question that is bothering us. However, due to the fact that almost the entire Internet is indexed, the results are actually much more. But it is said that only those who really care look at the other side, and the fourth are only the desperate. That’s about to change because…

Google abandons pagination in the search engine

You’ll never look at another page of Google search results again because it just won’t be there. The American giant decided on a real revolution and turning pagination into continuous browsing. Now everywhere, because on mobile devices – as you probably know – such a change has already been introduced.

What will it look like? After entering the password the search engine will automatically load results that would otherwise be split into six pages. When you (miraculously) get to the end, you’ll see a button that will allow you to load more links. – “You’ll see more useful content with fewer clicks, so now it’s even easier to find inspiration” – Google praises its idea.

For example, a search for “benchmark” returns over 500 million results on Google.

When will the second page on Google disappear?

The answer to this question is not fully known. Surely Google will want to implement this change quickly, so in the coming weeksexcept that the second side will disappear initially in the English language version, and only later in other regions.

Source: Search Engine Land, Engadget

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