Google Translate in the browser received a long-awaited feature

Finally! Google Translate in the browser version finally got a feature that many people have been waiting for. The tool will also be able to translate the text on the photo.

Google Translate will translate the text from the picture. Finally

To use the feature, just go to the Google Translate website – it’s worth noting right away that this is not available in the module displayed by the search engine. An Images button has been added to the top function bar, between the Text and Documents functions, which provides the ability to select an image.


Initially, a file with the extension JPG, JPEG or PNG must be sent from our computer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to copy a picture from the Windows clipboard using a keyboard shortcut – as you can do in Facebook Messenger, for example.

After translating the text, the tool gives you the option to copy the text, but also to delete it. The translated text should look similar to the original, as the “Translated with Lens” tag suggests that the solution is based on the same AR algorithms as the mobile version of Google Lens. I emphasize: you should, because – as you can see in the example below – this is not always the case.

Google Translate text translation from photo sample photo

Translating text from photos has been difficult until now

Translator is an extremely useful tool that gives you many options. The ability to turn on the translator and check a word (phrase) that we do not know is one of the many advantages of the modern, modern world, filled with technology at every turn – because once you had to reach for paper, a dictionary. The tool not only works well in English but also in other languages.

However, today we often work with various graphic files – often with foreign content, from which incomprehensible words had to be manually entered into Google Translate – each one separately or reach for the phone, because the image translation function was available through the Google Lens application. It is true that the Chrome browser got the feature to translate text from pictures embedded in websites, but we don’t always want to translate a picture from a website.

Now that’s changing, as Google Translate in your browser has finally gained the ability to translate the text that’s on every photo.

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