Google will let you know if the app is causing problems

Browsing and searching for new applications carries a certain risk – not every program runs stably and without problems. Software updates are also subject to this risk. Thankfully, Google is beginning changes that should benefit both downloaders and developers.

App below expectations

In November last year, Google announced the launch of a new system for identifying poorly performing applications. According to his assumptions, users would receive the ability to see which apps may not be able to be processed on their smartphone or tablet. how would it work

Google Play Store in Safari

Google’s plan assumes that the company will not only collect information about how often the application crashes on a given device, but also the users’ experience with ANR (Application Not Responding). Then the visibility of the application will be affected by maintaining the level expected from the Mountain View giant. It looks more or less like this:

  • The failure rate for a specific model must be less than 8% and less than 1.09% for all devices;
  • The ANR for a specific model must not exceed 8% and 0.47% for all devices.

If the application does not meet the Play Store requirements, Google may limit the application’s visibility on a specific device. For example, The app may not appear in the Discovery tabsand the page dedicated to the app may contain a text warning that the app may not function properly on that device according to the latest data collected.

Google vs. emergency software

To help developers meet the new requirements, there are also a number of features in the Play Console to monitor and take action on issues with the application. There is a new metric for tracking crashes and ANRs viewed by users in the Play Console or via the API.

In addition, it is possible to check which devices and how many users are struggling with a particular problem, and Android Vitals will warn when the application starts to exceed the imposed thresholds. Vitals also helps you prioritize and troubleshoot common and model-specific issues.

The announcement of changes does not necessarily mean immediate implementation. It looks like more and more apps are being reviewed and the new policy is working. You can see it afterwards Twitter userwho encountered the warning mentioned above.

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