Gothic on Steam is the best version of this game. The main reason is … the community

Gothic is a cult game in Poland, and many people, including me, of course, have experienced it many times. Of course I won’t stop, although in over 15 years of going through Gothic I have to admit that the original version of the game has already bored me a little and I often dive into community mods to experience new adventures in this ever-fascinating world.

Gothic from GOG or CD can be a real nightmare…

Due to its age, Gothic used to struggle with many problems. He just didn’t want to work on new systems, which was largely solved by SystemPack, a patch that allowed Gothic to run on modern computers, removed the frame limit and meant we were able to set modern resolutions for this over 20 years . – old game. Currently, all digital distribution platforms have the appropriate patches implemented after installing the gamebut Steam went much further with the changes, making this version by far the best!

Gothic Access Violation
Many consider this common mistake to be a canon of the Gothic, and demand that it be incorporated into the new refreshed Gothic. I hope not!

If we want to play the original version of the game, it doesn’t matter if we start the game from the GOG platform or from Steam. Only gothic purists who want to run the game from CD should play gothic patching. Personally, I cured myself of this conservatism and let my plate of the first and second parts of the game go into a well-deserved retirement. I recommend everyone to do it, especially because you can get these games for pennies.

All digital distribution platforms offered by Gothic also have the appropriate patches implemented and we don’t have to worry about anything. The problem starts when we want to install several add-ons that improve the mechanics of the game. Moding Gothic is practically a duty today, and it’s not about mods that give us brand new adventures, but most of all about technical changes that improve the mechanics for a bit today.

Both in connection with the CD version and the version for the GOG platform, we have two options. We can install the changes manually or use a tool called Spine. Unfortunately, the spine is a real nightmare and doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, and the Vortex, which is a similar tool in design, is very, very far away. Unfortunately we can’t use Vortex because no Gothic is supported by it. Of course, we also have manual assembly, but here no program ensures that the changes are compatible with each other and that they do not conflict with each other after installation, which prevents us from launching the game. A person who grinds his teeth on the installation of the modification, of course, has no major problem with it, but many players can simply get lost in it.

Modding Gothic on Steam is like a walk in the park!

The Steam version, which allows us to use the Steam workshop, stands out from the previous examples. This solution is not without disadvantages either, but rather disadvantages as a result of the obvious deficiencies in the workshop. However, the situation is getting better every day, and a whole lot of changes are being made at the workshop.

Gothic II Workshop

It is certainly an advantage that we do not have to look for changes on the Internet and then play with their installation. All you have to do is download the game, go to the workshop and choose the modifications that interest you. Of course, as always, there are also a lot of junk mods added to the workshop, so it’s worth starting with the most popular or highest rated tab at the very beginning.

Then we can choose what interests us. I will deal with which mods are worth installing later, but remember not to overload Gothic with mods. If you have already installed one version, for example DX11, which significantly improves the graphics in the first and second parts of the game, there is no point in installing another version. Changes are usually subtle in this regard. Therefore, we wisely choose add-ons that interest us, subscribe to them, and they will automatically add them to our games. Steam knows exactly where and how to place them, so there’s no need to mess with the files at all. Everything takes place via a Steam launcher.

But when we start the game, none of the changes will start and we will see a normal, unmodified version of the game. You won’t have any annotations anywhere on Steam, what else needs to be changed for the mods to work properly. The first time I tried to play with this myself, I was very confused about how to get the mods to work. It turns out very simple. Just right-click on the game, select the properties option, and then go to the beta tab. There you will have the default “none” selected, which is why the game starts in its original version. Just change it to “workshop – Workshop beta” and start the game.

Gothic II ModLoader Steam

After starting, we will see a window where we have to choose game ModLauncherand then we will see another window where we can manage our changes. All the mods we subscribe to should be there. We click “Play” and play a fully modded game that only took us a moment. In the event that we wish to remove a change, we simply unsubscribe. In case of manual installation, we have to manually delete files responsible for a given change.

What mods do you need to install?

There is no clear answer to that, as it all depends on whether you want to play Gothic 1 or Gothic II with the Night of the Raven expansion. So I would recommend you mods that don’t disturb the original game much. Changes that add completely new content to the game are definitely material for another article. So let’s start with Gothic 1!

Gothic DX11
  • Union and all addons included in this modit is now downright mandatory. We have e.g. improved and more transparent equipment available, showing more detailed statistics on the screen, such as the number of experience points or the health of the hero, but also help for theft, which does not require us to write a combination of chests on a piece of paper.
  • GD3D11 changes the API of our Gothic to DX11 and of course significantly improves the graphics in the game. It mainly affects lighting and shadows, but also improves detail in textures. GD3D11 can be easily combined with TexturPack from Artemiano, which will further improve the graphics in the game.
  • Free Aiming is a must-have modification for all those who intend to build their Nameless Hero as an archer or crossbowman. This mod frees up the crosshairs when shooting a bow or crossbow, making combat a bit more based on our agility than dry stats.

In the case of Gothic II, the choice is much greater because the modified 2 engine is much better suited for modifications. In case of basic changes, they are the same as in the previous list. We also have Unions, DX11, and the slow aim option for those two, so I won’t repeat myself and offer you something else!

Gothic II DX11
  • zBugFixes is a small modification that introduces a lot of changes to the game engine and reduces a lot of bugsthat may occur in our gameplay. Unfortunately, Gothic already had a lot of bugs at the premiere, so such a modification is even mandatory!
  • Wasteland Mod is a great mod if you always get annoyed after going through one, return to Mining Valley for two. This mod restores the places we visited in the first part of the game, while being as faithful to the original Gothic II as possible.
  • Script Patch is another modification that improves the bugged Gothic. Combined with zBugFixes, we don’t have to worry about losing our time because the game has said it’s broken right now.

Of course, these are just my suggestions and are modifications that, as I’ve already mentioned, do not interfere with the game’s original major plot, quests, or world. These changes will make the gameplay more fresh and today, so a large number of new players may not return from Gothic. As you may have noticed, installing these mods via the Steam Workshop is really a piece of cake, so even people who haven’t been interested in playing with mods until now can handle it. For this reason, I consider Gothic on Steam to be by far the best and friendliest version of the game. If, like me, you return to this game quite often, Steam will make it easier for you to come back!

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