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Government says it decided to make concessions in Kamikadze PEC to avoid bigger hole

The government chose to give way to the National Congress in the negotiations that led to the approval of PEC 16, fearing that if the vote was postponed to next week, there would be more time to include other changes that could further increase its final version. value. The information was confirmed by government sources.

The PEC’s initial idea was that the sale of Petrobras աժ dividends to let Eletrobras would provide about $ 50 billion, which was initially estimated to be a tax effect on the offer. As about $ 16 billion of this amount will come from tax breaks, with a maximum of $ 34 billion left for tax breaks.

But preliminary calculations by members of the economic team show that if the text approved by the Senate is approved by the House today, the value should exceed $ 40 billion, which is $ 6 billion more than originally planned.

However, whether the final draft of the text approved by the Senate was not intended by the government, especially the economic team, government sources stated that it was not possible to allow a longer period of negotiations.

The members of the government say that it was necessary to start negotiations, especially with three political actors. Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco, who supported the inclusion of bonuses for the elderly, which has a positive effect on public transport companies. In the Senate, MDB leader Eduardo Braga, who defended the benefits of sailors և taxi drivers, was included this Thursday; և PA, which celebrated the changes in the text, especially the restriction of the state of emergency. The party thought that as it was, it opened expenses for the government during the pre-election period.

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