Government soldiers were conducting the event with the ambassadors, Planalto sources said

Interlocutors of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) reported CNN: that it was the government military that led the organization of the meeting with the ambassadors this Monday, ignoring the opposing positions and campaigning of the so-called political wing members of the government.

At the forefront of the process were the ministers of the Cabinet of Institutional Security, General Augusto Heleno. From the General Secretariat of the Presidency: Luis Eduardo Ramos; Defense Minister Paulo Sergio Nogueira; Former defense minister and Bolsonaro’s deputy candidate, General Braga Neto, in addition to the head of presidential aides, Lt. Col. Mauro Cesar Barbosa Cid.

In fact, Sid, along with the president, was responsible for preparing the content of the slides shown. He is already the subject of a Federal High Court investigation for leaking confidential data from an investigation into threats to electronic voting machines. He is the son of General Lorena Cid, who holds a position of trust in the Miami office of the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex).

The remaining four participated in advising the president. They would ask Bolsonaro to calm down in his speech and not raise his tone, especially against the ministers of the Supreme Electoral Court. Despite the president’s criticism of Luis Roberto Barroso, Edson Fachin and Alexander de Moraes, the assessment around the president was that he was able to fulfill the mission of the generals.

Among the citizens closest to the group was Union Attorney General Bruno Bianco, who was more focused on preventing the meeting from violating electoral law.

On the other hand, the so-called political wing and campaign members of the government evaluated the meeting negatively, mainly because of the agenda. According to them, he does not vote. What is CNN: Revealed on June 8, internal PL polls show Bolsonaro losing support as election discourse focuses on the attack on the electronic ballot box and the electoral process. Polls show this shows the president’s electoral fragility and ultimately drives away likely votes.

According to one of the politicians close to the president, he did not even consult with them about the meeting. There was no debate and the president just set the agenda. It comes as the campaign celebrates a return to optimism after weeks of negative news.

Members of Bolsonaro’s campaign have been pleased in recent days that the president is more open to listening to campaign marketing advice. They also note that even if the PEC of kindness lasts for a few more weeks, the benefit reaches the voters’ pockets, just the information that a social package was approved under the leadership of the president, has already made the daily polls of the campaign move in favor of the president. in the lower classes of the electorate, the largest number of voters.

A debate

THE: CNN: will hold the first presidential debate of 2022. The clash between the candidates will be broadcast on August 6 live, on television and on our digital platforms.

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