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Governor offers legal aid to coup prisoners

Photo by Saul Schramm

Governor of Mato Grosso do Sul, Eduardo Riedel (photo), announced on social networks that he posted public protection provide to the state legal aid trapped radical protesters the coup acts of January 8.

“I understand that it is our duty, it is the duty of the state not to fulfill its obligations, and providing legal assistance to those who cannot be employed is one of the most important rights of any citizen.”said Riedel (PSDB).

That side people from Mato Grosso do Sul who are involved in the actionlegal aid will also be given to their families.

On the day of the protests in Brazil, the governor denied the invasion The National Congress, the Planalto Chamber and the Federal Supreme Court.

“IT IS unacceptable use of violence, vandalism and misappropriation of public and private property in any form in our democracy”wrote on Twitter.

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